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Cindy Tang Hatfield, Global Brand & Insight Strategist behind Human X Insight, partners with clients like their in-house Chief Insight Officer or Head of Consumer Insight.

At Human X Insight, I amplify the strategic potential of companies' data, research, and insights. Partnering with executive teams, I unearth game-changing opportunities for brands, harnessing the power of data-driven insights. My mission? Inspire growth and transformative change.

Acting as your Chief Insight Officer or Head of Consumer Insight & Strategy, I offer both project-based and long-term services. Presently, I champion insights & strategy for Estée Lauder Companies in Australia & New Zealand.

With 20+ years in research agencies and Fortune 500 firms, I've recognized that traditional research data and findings alone are not enough. Businesses require insights transformed into actionable strategies, deep stakeholder engagement, and a guiding hand to navigate the complex strategic landscape. I not only present insights but also fuel strategic discussions, craft action roadmaps, and synergize with senior leaders and data providers.

In a world overflowing with data, the real magic lies in harnassing actionable insights. With years of seasoned experience, I offer a lens that paints a bigger picture for brands. 

Cindy Tang Hatfield

Founder | Global Brand & Insight Strategist

Each client's business and insight needs are unique. We offer customized solutions accordingly. 

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